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Promotional Marketing Video

Promotional Marketing Video

A Little About Me

My Experience

I graduated from the University of North Texas with a major in English and concentration in Technical Writing. Creative writing has always been my first love and I knew I wanted to make a career out of it. My first writing opportunity involved producing 30-second on-hold messages as well as newsletter composition. From there, I never looked back as my copywriting career took off. 

I've lent my copywriting talents to both small and medium-sized businesses, large corporations including Match.com and Neiman Marcus, as well as one of Dallas' iconic music venues; Granada Theater. I'm constantly looking to further my career, and with my experience, help a company increase brand awareness and succeed. 

My Skillset

I bring a bevy of skills to the table beyond simply copywriting. I work well under pressure and tight deadlines without sacrificing high-quality work, have a  meticulous eye for detail (and mistakes), am highly collaborative in a team environment, and am one heck of a self-starter. I put my nose down and get to work. In addition, my communication and sociable personality lend itself well to meeting and nurturing client/business relationships. 

Having worked in many different industries with a diverse collection of people, I can adapt my writing and content creation to any and all products and services through print, digital and social media platforms. In addition to copywriting, I also have extensive experience and skills in copy editing, content creation, public relations and marketing.

My Passions

Many writers will tell you that they love to write, but I truly hold it near and dear to my heart. I love words, plain and simple. Words provide imagery and an emotional reaction that images wish they could. I'm the person that listens to lyrics in a song before the notes and chords resonate. Writing highly creative content is my passion. 

Whether it's for social media, advertising, marketing, or something as simple as a brochure or business card, my goal is to write excellent copy and propose unique ideas every opportunity I can get. Outside-of-the-box is the world where I live and thrive. Sometimes taking risks and pushing the envelope is necessary in the advertising industry; raising an eyebrow is what makes a considerable impact, and I'm passionate about being the one to provide that impact. Words are truly powerful. 

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Adam Ziegler

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